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Where I Am Musically – 2022/23


Music is still a huge part of my life but I don’t really talk to people about it – people ask me what my favourite roast dinner is, not what my favourite track is. Plus I do like some weird music, anyway. But on the off-chance you are interested, here goes. Firstly, I’m way more organised than you might think. I have blogs. Yep, James has a blog about something. Every single track that I love, I list on House Minimal Techno Disco – which is basically a load of YouTube videos on a website. I wrote the website years … Continued

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Me & Music in 2020


So we’ve reached that time of year where everyone tells you how shit 2020 has been. Of course, I will be doing the same, but I’ll try to offer a more positive slant – and what can be more positive than music? If ever music has been necessary it has been in 2020, but it is necessary every year and has been all through my life, especially the more difficult parts where it is a source of solace, a world of musical refuge – and sometimes also offers me opportunities to wallow in misery, when I see fit. Or jump … Continued

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I Own 2,000 CDs


A few months ago, I reached the dubious milestone of owning 2,000 CDs. Which made me think, why the fuck do I own 2,000 CDs? I do listen to them all once. Before broadband, CDs were my main format to listen to music – and even discover music, and I would listen to each CD dozens of times. Now I listen once, perhaps twice. I still buy them. Not as many as I used to, but I still buy one or two a month. It is my way of being able to justify downloading individual tracks via Soulseek or similar … Continued

Me & Music in 2019


I thought it might be interesting to have a look at the kind of music that I’m into nowadays. Well, interesting to me, perhaps – I’m not under any illusions that people are especially interested in my music tastes, bar a handful. I listen to a lot of minimal still, especially of the hypnotic Romanian variety – though I feel the peak of creativity has passed, and it has started to become oversaturated with averageness – as most successul music scenes do. The scene that I find most exciting at the moment is the “offbeat techno” scene, almost owned by … Continued