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Complaints From 2017: Hull Trains


Another old complaint that I thought I’d post, seeing as a whole 2 people read the last one. This time to Hull Trains.


Good afternoon

I have just been through the trauma of purchasing tickets on your website.

I wanted to purchase three tickets, however there were only two tickets at the price. One would have thought that one would have been able to buy all three at the same time, with one of them in the next price band. Alas, no, the website would instead try to charge me the next price band for all three tickets.

Were this Ryanair, then I’d be thinking that this was offensively cheeky – I am sure you know how sly Ryanair can be with their charging policies. However, given that your website was built in approximately 1952, one assumes that it simply cannot cope with such logic.

Apologies, for I am being a little unfairly rude. I feel dreadful. I consumed far too much alcohol on Saturday and just want to go to bed. Yet I have another three or so hours sat here trying to figure out how to fix the log-in page on the website I am working on, followed by an hour of standing on a tube – bookended by 10 minutes of trying to avoid really slow, thick people walking in seemingly random directions.

I do at least have two emergency sausage rolls in my bag.

I also have two bookings, as advised to do so by the lady when I called. The reason that I wanted to book all three tickets together was that I want to sit with my two friends when we go to Hull. Yes, after 20 years of living down south, two of my posh southern friends have finally agreed to go to Hull. I lied to them, said there is culture, theatre, art and stuff there – when really all we’ll do is eat fish and drink beer. And maybe go see the world’s smallest window. Though there is every possibility that after this weekend I will never drink again.

So to make a very long pointless story just moderately long and quite pointless, please can you ensure that all of the seats are together on my two bookings. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 on the same table, or 3 in the same row – though table is probably more convivial. I spoke to someone in your office around 2pm who advised this would be possible.

Kind regards


Hull Trains:

Good morning James,

Thank you for your email. I hope that the emergency sausage rolls did the trick and you are feeling better today.

I am very pleased to hear that your friends are going to venture up north to meet some of the friendliest folk on earth and yes, we do have culture, theatre, art and stuff as well as fabulous fish and chips and beer!

You can have a look at what’s going on here

I have had a look at your bookings and they do not give the full details of your reservations, i.e. your outward journey Kings Cross to Hull 13/10/2107, 15:48 shows seats C 09, C05F, C06. The return Hull to Kings Cross 15/10/2107, 14:36 shows seats C 21, C17 A, C 18.

They should all have either a B, F or A after them, referring to Backwards, Forwards facing or Airline. I notice that you are having the tickets posted to you, so if you would be so kind as to check the seat reservations and let me know what they are, I will be happy to arrange seats together.

Kind regards

Hull Trains Customer Services