Why I Voted Conservative


Note: Originally posted on the now-defunct Exiled Tory Remoaner Scum website

Note: This post is 7 years old, and my politics have changed over time

Not exactly a surprise, is it?  James Winfield, the self-proclaimed ‘only Tory from Hull’, has voted Conservative.

But this was actually a tough decision for the first time in my adult voting life.  Even a couple of days ago I was having some doubts.

This is not a vote for the Conservative Party and the direction it is going in.  It is certainly not a vote for Brexit.  And it is definitely not a vote for Theresa May – the ghastly leader that I have long been comparing to Gordon Brown (you could call that insightful?).

Sadly this is nothing more inspiring than a Stop Corbyn vote, despite the generally good record that the Conservative party have over the last 7 years.

My main reason is that the idea of that man having control over the finances of this country petrifies me.

The lies, bribery and deceit that has been central to his campaign is a clear reminder of the politics that got Hugo Chavez elected in Venezuela.

Some may think that I am going to far by comparing Corbyn to Chavez, and Britain’s greatest admirer of the likes of Chavez and Castro may indeed not turn out to have any dictatorial whim whatsoever (though you cannot say that about some of those close to him – like the almost-evil Saemus Milne).

However, his fabricated costings of his manifesto, which will likely not only not raise the money he expects, but also probably increase tax avoidance, increase unemployment and be disastrous not for large corporations (they can report their revenue in other countries, or simple move if they have to), but for the small businesses that employ so many of us.  And what do small businesses do when they receive larger tax bills?  Cut staff or raise prices.

This was a straight-forward choice between competency and bribery.

Corbyn has promised the world, and believe it or not, people like free stuff.

Personally, I prefer a stable country with a strong economy (sorry for sounding like her) – one that will actually still be able to afford an NHS in 10 years time – as opposed to having yet another economic catastrophe caused by excessive unnecessary government borrowing – the likes of which we saw before the crash, from 2001 to 2007 under Labour, and the like of which Corbyn wants to bring about again.

I don’t want a government elected on lying to the people.
I don’t want a government elected on bribing the electorate.
I don’t want a government that admires Lenin, Chavez and Castro.
I don’t want a government that wants to overthrow the capitalist system which has made our country so rich, affording high levels of education and healthcare.
I don’t want a government run by people that want to get rid of the Queen, mi5, and have supported terrorist organisation such as the IRA.
I don’t want a government that wants to disband the army, and has already undermined our nuclear deterrent.

Some people say they want change.  But change can be bad.  I don’t want to change back to the 1970’s – a union-controlled disaster of an economy, laughed at throughout Europe – a country with it’s best days behind it.

And I tell you another reason I want the Conservative Party to win.

So those condescending, rude, arrogant shitbags that are supporting Labour, lose.

Not for a second am I putting any more than a small minority of Labour voters in that bucket of deplorables.  But during the campaign, I have been reminded about just how nasty and vile some of these characters are.  I have had so much abuse, so much rudeness – so many nasty, condescending comments from holier-than-though characters (I admit I haven’t been a complete saint).  For these people especially, I really hope that they lose the election and all their hopes of free stuff are squashed.

And we all know who will be rioting if they lose the election.