Scottish Independence


Note: This post is 12 years old, and my politics have changed over time

Two years until the Scottish Independence vote.

Now I would prefer the United Kingdom to stay together.

However, if Scotland becomes independent then Labour would lose all those Scottish MPs and the chances of future Conservative governments and majority governments would become much likelier.  Oh no 😉

No more Gordon Brown’s.  No more Scottish interference in English (or Welsh or NI) affairs.

Hmmm this is very tempting.

So we would get less Olympic medals.  Oh well.  And we would probably lose much of the oil…not that there is that much left.

However if independence is won, and granted, it must be insisted that Scotland gets its fair share of the national debt.  AND the Royal Bank of SCOTLAND must return to Scotland.  The bank that caused so much damage to the world economy must not remain on the balance sheet of the UK.

Interestingly the most recent polls I have seen see 25% of Scots wanting Scottish independence.

33% of English want Scottish independence.


And in other political news, I see Andrew Mitchell resigned.  About sodding time.  What a disgrace to the government, to the Conservative party and the country.