Reviewing 2012 Goals


I set myself 15 goals at the beginning of the year.  I thought I should do a little review of them:

1. Most importantly, try my hardest to find a good new job.  Success.
2. Open at least one business.  Preferably two.  Failure and I don’t have time for this.
3. Launch at least one website.  Nearly there!
4. Continue to learn how to DJ, do more DJ mixes, and play out somewhere.  Success.
5. At least do all I can to look into running an event with house music.  I have ideas which need looking into properly but for now 1-4 are my priorities.  Success.
6. Go to Ibiza.  This year will be my 10th time.  Yes I know I am unemployed but I have budgeted for it.  Success.
7. Go to Cocoon In The Park.  There is no way that I will not be going, assuming Sven, Ricardo, etc are playing.  7th July is the date.  Success.
8. Go back to Frankfurt.  I really want to go back to Cocoon and take a few people with me that haven’t been before.  I can live without doing this though, if funds do not permit.  Very unlikely.
9. Go to a new country.  Even if I have to go by myself.  I have only been to 9 countries and I am 32.  This is silly.  Again though, it depends on funds.  Very unlikely.
10. Go clubbing 12 times, and don’t always go to fabric – go somewhere else!  Looking forward to, erm, fabric on 14th January.  Did I mention Sven is in London on 18th May?  Success.
11. Do another couple of pieces of art.  Very unlikely.
12. Go to Hull 4 times, and Northampton once.  Will be 3 times to Hull, been to Northampton and have met parents in Oxford and London, so success.
13. Find someone to play badminton with on at least a monthly basis.  Very unlikely.
14. Lose some of this sodding weight that I put on last year – I reached 90kg by December, and considering that I started 2011 on 78kg, this is bad, it must be stopped and must be reversed.  83kg is a sensible goal for 2012 I think.  I was losing it, then I started work and now I am my fattest ever.  Total failure.
15. Ignore the Olympics, except to go to London and persuade some innocent virgin Americans to go to some grotty club in Shoreditch.  Failure, but I went to the Olympics and had a great time, so I am classing it as a success.

9 out of 15 is 60%.  I am happy with that.