My David Miliband Next Job Theory


Note: This post is 14 years old, and my politics have changed over time

I’m doing politics today.

I hesistate at posting anything which may promote the Labour party (or more accurately known as the anti-Tory party…or we need power to finance our houses as we are unable to behave and work to an acceptable standard in the corporate world to get a job like the evil Tories tell you to party), I purposely did not post about their electing of a new leader as I did not want anyone to think Labour were interesting.

To clarify, I fully believe that the Labour party have destroyed the economy and society of our once-great country, for their own gain.  They did it for them.  The Coalition government will repair it for everyone.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about.

Ed Miliband, the younger of the two Miliband brothers, has been elected to leader of the Labour party, mainly thanks to the trade unions (those people that persuade workers to go on strike).  David probably thought he was a shoe-in, he possibly would have won the last general election had he had the balls to try to oust Gordon Brown when he had the chance, and now he has been kicked in the teeth by his younger brother, Ed, who has less experience of government, and less credentials in many people’s eyes than David.

So the job he thought he was destined for has been snatched from him by his younger brother.  That has to hurt.

James’ Theory time!

I’m not sure if there are any jobs in the Coalition government going at the moment (though Liam Fox is doing a good job of talking himself out of being the defense secretary) – surely David Cameron and co must be thinking of what job they can offer him?

David Miliband, after all, actually was quite realistic about having to tackle the deficit, and he did a decent job as foreign secretary.  I think, like Tony Blair was, that he is quite Conservative in quite a portion of his thinking – he definitely disagees with his brother on quite a few things.

And David Milliband has a lot of disaffected supporters now.

Could he defect to the Conservative party?  It would be beautiful to see.  A true “ner-ner-ner-ner-ner” to his younger brother who has seemingly got the upper hand.  Stranger things have happened.  It’s a win-win situation for all concerned…except Labour of course!