Labour Going Bankrupt?


Note: This post is 14 years old, and my politics have changed over time

Oh what a wonderful outcome that would be if the Labour party itself went bankrupt.

The party that when in government, contrived to do everything they possibly could to bankrupt the country just to keep themselves in power, and to keep their selfish desires alive – for them to go bankrupt would go some way to compensate for all the economic pain that we are going through thanks to their disastrous mismanagement of the country’s finances.

You can see how desperate it is, with them trying to create news stories to unsettle the Liberal Democrats, such as Charles Kennedy allegedly defecting to Labour.

In my eyes, Labour are trying to destroy the Lib Dems as a functioning party, to try to get those that are skeptical of the coalition, into their hands.

I find it all quite pathetic. I really hope they do not ever get back into power.

Labour, to me, are morally bankupt, and the political landscape would be better without them.