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I Need I Need I Need I Need


I am needy. Did you know that?

Firstly I need some sunshine. What has happened to our summer? It promised so much, at least for June and July – June delivered, wow – it was glorious.

All the long-range models and most background signals pointed to July being hot, often sunny though they did point to reasonable amounts of rain – from occasional thundery outbreaks. Yet…it is autumn instead.

So it has started me on the hunt for holidays – well, not just the lack of sunshine but also the soul evisceration of house-sharing, which I know is coming to an end but boy do solicitors like to drag things out.

I did think maybe in three months we could get the purchase of the flat done, but it seems as optimistic as me expecting two good summer months in a row in the UL. It isn’t far from three months and I am still trying to prove to my solicitors that I’m not money laundering. I don’t think they are especially slow, just that there is lots of back and forth between all kinds of parties. I’m hoping it will complete by September, maybe October. Of course, it could still go Pete Tong.

I do need to get out of house sharing. Even if this falls through, then I might just rent somewhere for 6 months. I’m totally done with tip-toeing around. I need my space, I need to be able to play music when I want to, make a mess in the kitchen when I want to, roll around in my pants when I’m drunk, etc, etc.

Need I Need I Need I Need I

I need to lose weight. Nothing new there, and I have lost weight. But I need to lose more as I have high blood pressure and the doctors are threatening to put me on pills. Yet I’d like to try to reach 50 years of age before I’m subjecting to a life of pill-popping. At least pill-popping that won’t make me want to hug random people.

Though I’m not sure I have the head space for it right now. It feels like once the flat purchase goes through (or falls through), then I might be able to concentrate on it – and hell, do exercise in my own home. Gosh I could even get a Peloton to hang my washing on. Or maybe a VR headset to definitely play tennis on, and not to watch porn.

It’s not drinking that makes me lose the weight. I was going to try not to drink on Friday night – but I did. Then I wasn’t going to drink much on Sunday, but I ended up with a hangover. At least I’m mostly not eating cake and chocolate.

I do have headspace for considering holidays, which I probably shouldn’t given that I am buying a flat. I nearly booked flight to Vilnius the other day. And I nearly booked a holiday to Valencia. Both a week apart. In roughly the time when the flat sale might go through (or not). Wise? Would give me the sunshine I need. Well, Valencia would, Vilnius in September is more questionable.

I am very much feeling the need for another adventure, and I don’t mean going to Dreams in Croydon to check out beds. I’ve only been to one new country this year, and that was Malta, which is barely meeting the definition of adventure.

It feels like I’m an aeroplane in a holding pattern at the moment, waiting to land.