From Delusion To Reality


I cannot help but think that being in power or being a leader, encourages delusion and a disconnection to reality.

Firstly we have this nut-case who has been running Libya for about 42 years, who is claiming that Al-Qaeda have drugged his population’s Nescafe and therefore they are uprising but it is calming down now the hallucinogenic drugs have worn off, that he isn’t actually president of Libya so therefore any violence cannot be blamed upon him and that his people love him.

And then Iran’s National Olympic Committee are threatening to boycott the London Olympics as the logo is racist (2012 is apparently too similar to ZION).

One only has to recall our dear estemeed Gordon Brown who claimed to have ‘abolished boom and bust’ not so long ago.  (Please do not fear about this government becoming as deluded as I am in regular communication with them to try to keep them in check.)

One of my favoured types of leader, DJs, also tend to become a bit deluded and self-consumed at times if they do not have people around them to keep them in line with reality.  Hello Tiesto.  But not the revered Robert Babicz, a prolific techno producer from Germany, and the creater of Dark Flower, whose Joris Voorn remix is probably my favourite track of all time (come on how can you not smile after hearing that song even on the most miserable of days!), no – he chose to keep it real this weekend when travelling between gigs in the UK, and got a train from Manchester to Newcastle.

Quoting from his Facebook fan page “an adventure, full of drunken people, fights, drama, love…. everything”, his touch with reality, and having his wallet stolen by our finest Englishmen of the north, inspired him to make another track called ‘From Manchaster to Newcastle’.  Yes I know he has spelt Manchester incorrectly.

Admiringly refreshing to see an artist from afar tackle the challenges of the UK rail system, as opposed to insisting on cheuffeurs and limousines.

And yes, this is what trains look like up north:

And you thought your Thames Train Slug was bad.
If ever become a leader, I promise not to become delusional and to stay firmly in touch with reality as it seems to be more productive to do so.

Wait a minute…I am a leader…I’m your leader.  Please continue your worship of me.  I’m off to go stroke my cauliflower ships.