Ed Miliband’s One Nation Bull


Note: This post is 12 years old, and my politics have changed over time

So did anyone watch Ed Miliband’s Labour conference speech?

No, thought not. Neither did I. But I did put myself through the highlights, and most notable was that he used the phrase “One Nation” 44 times apparently. I didn’t count but plenty of political observers did.

One Nation. From the Labour Party. Oh please. Shut the fuck up.

Now I am not a deluded Tory who thinks Cameron & Osborne will ever get the votes of the unions or more than a handful of public sector workers. Certain sectors of society will never vote Conservative.

But, wow, Mr Miliband must be totally off his rocker if he thinks that those who are totally disgusted with the Labour party after they totally ruined the economy, increased inequality, gave us ever increasing moral bankruptcy, 90 days detention without trial, next to no infrastructure investment and oh let’s throw in the Iraq War too, will ever be willing to be part of some “One Nation” bullshit.

Of course he will still get the votes of those who depend on the state like those on benefits and public sector workers, and those who want to destroy the economy for their own eneds like the unions.

Seriously laughable if he thinks the party he leads can unite the country that he destroyed. Might as well bring back Hitler to resolve the Euro crisis.

I don’t actually hate Ed Miliband like I hate Gordon Brown, the man whom I have utter deplorable contempt for destroying the once brilliant United Kingdom. Along with of course Tony Blair, who I don’t hate but do generally dislike. No, Ed Miliband is just there. A bit irritating but I don’t actually mind him. He hasn’t had chance to destroy the country further, yet.

However, take a look at the shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.

A viperous political scumbag if ever I saw one. Does anyone seriously want him in charge of the country’s finances? Remember that he was a major part of Gordon Brown’s team that were hugely responsible for the worst economic crisis for 80, maybe 100+ years. (Don’t be fooled that it was because of the banks, although definitely partly to blame, nor the fault of the ‘global recession’ as that government were part of the machine that caused the global recession, which incidentally did not affect many countries with sound finances, such as Australia).

I much prefer Gideon and his yachts to be running the finances.

Anyway, next week I get to enjoy the glory of the Conservative Party Conference which will warm my heart greatly.

Tempted to book the week off to watch the conference. Shame I don’t own enough land to be invited (only joking, even us plebs can go…if you can afford it).

ps Apologies for the lack of blog post about the Lib Dems conference.  I forgot.