David’s Disappointing Debate Decision


Note: Originally posted on the now-defunct Exiled Tory Remoaner Scum website

Note: This post is 9 years old, and my politics have changed over time

I am disappointed that David Cameron is refusing to take part in a series of debates.

I accept that it probably took away the expected Conservative majority in 2010, allowing the Lib Dems to surge in popularity, though as a Liberal Conservative, the coalition between the two parties is as good as a majority.

There was a sensible solution to the debates that nobody seemed to propose.

Have a regional round, without the main party leaders.  For example in Scotland, you would have the SNP debating with the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, and the Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, plus other suitable representatives.

Meaning that us folk in the majority country, England, don’t have to listen to those economical-responsibility-free vacuums of the likes of the SNP and Plaid Cymru.  Nobody in England wants to hear from the SNP.  Well, apart from the Scottish in England.

The BBC have regional channels and could easily do this.  Likewise it could be shown over the internet.

Then you can have the 3/4 main party leaders and finish with a debate between Ed and Dave.

National TV debates are a risk.  But surely Dave couldn’t lose to Ed?

Anyway, I am disappointed.  I quite like David Cameron but have on occasion, particularly near the beginning of the parliament, been disappointed with his lack of backbone and belief.

Time to man up and lead us to a Conservative majority.