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2022 Goals Update


Well if it was a few degrees less hot right now, then I’d be going outside and enjoying the sunshine rather than writing a blog which about 3 people will read, but hey, I like writing and Lola is keeping me chilled right now.

So I thought I’d have a quick look at how I’m doing with my goals for 2022.

Goals I will/should achieve:

Well I already achieved the being paid like a senior engineer goal by time I finished writing my goals. So that one is done.

Roast to-do list should get to under 50 – I’m at 58 today, with around 16+ Sundays left this year.

Thankfully I did get on an aeroplane! And I did get the fuck out of this country. Only done 2 of 3 new countries so far, but it should be easy to get the 3rd by the end of 2022.

The 3 month detox I just about managed…well…until I went to Las Vegas which was late March.

I have been to the office. Twice. Goal smashed. I did read a book too. It wasn’t very good, but I read it.

Goals I won’t achieve:

Well, I’m not going to be living on my own by the end of the year. I’m totally put off by the large rise in prices for 1 bedroom flats in London this year…and the rental market is just insane. Carry on saving…carry on having a housemate.

My goal of 12 different cultural activities started well. Alas my enthusiasm has tapered off.

Likewise my goals of 12 different non-roast dinner restaurants from my normal restaurant to-do list. Think I’ve done 2. I’ve been to other restaurants, but not ones I really, really wanted to go to.

Of course, I’ve not lost weight. As if. Lol. Am back on a healthy thing as I write, 10 days and counting, but will it last 20 days? I need 200 days of being super healthy really. Maybe 2,000. I have cut down drinking at home though.

And I’ve not done anywhere near enough home studying/coding – at least not to meet my goals.

4 and a bit months to go…