Labour’s Dream NHS ‘Crisis’


Note: Originally posted on the now-defunct Exiled Tory Remoaner Scum website

Note: This post is 9 years old, and my politics have changed over time

I think it is about time instead of using the scare-story tactics of Labour on the NHS that we applauded the excellent work that our NHS does.

That the NHS is coming slightly short of its 95% target for A&E patients seen within 4 hours should instead be stated as a congratulatory message that 92% of patients into A&E are seen within 4 hours.

To me, that is pretty damn impressive.

Most other health services in the world don’t dream to meet such a target.  You can look close to home where Wales (under Labour) manage just 83%.

It is all the more impressive when you see this in the context of rising patient numbers to A&E.  In 2004 when the target was first set, there were 4,374,927 visits to A&E that year.  In 2014, there were 5,573,644 in total.  A 27% increase.

I repeat that I believe we should treat this as a success.

However there clearly is an issue.  I am not an expert on the health service.  I try not to use it unless strictly necessary (ie my mother tells me).  However with an aging and increasing population and the clear evidence that the exceptional A&E performance is perhaps only excellent now, along with empirical comments about the pressures, a discussion about the way forward should be held.

Labour should stop playing politics, such as their pathetic over-dramatised calls for an “emergency summit” and come up with some concrete proposals to improve the NHS.